Sailing on the new SALONA 46

Sailing on the new SALONA 46

Oh, what a joy it was to sail hull #1 of the new Salona S460 in Croatia. Written by Graham Balch from Green Yachts

As a yacht broker, I get to sail a lot of different boats. In general, I find that 30-foot sailboats are easy to handle, but slow. Performance sailboats above 40 feet and most production sailboats above 50 feet go faster, but can be a handful to sail because their sail area is so big and steering can be unwieldy.

Why can’t a sailboat be powerful and easy to handle?

Well, sailing world, I would like you to meet the new Salona S460 – the fast, yet easy to sail 44-foot sailboat.

In recent test sails, the Salona S460 achieved 5 knots of boat speed in 4.5 knots of wind on a beam reach and over 10 knots of boat speed in a 130-degree broad reach with 15-20 knots of wind. That performance is rare in a sub 45-foot cruising boat. Very rare.

At the same time, it’s smooth and easy to sail. Take your hand off the steering wheel and the balanced rudder helps the S460 stay on course for a few seconds as if it knew what it was supposed to be doing all along. The fractional rig and the oversized winches mean trimming the jib is relatively easy. The main is easy to hoist with an electric winch and just drops neatly into the stack pack when you’re done sailing for the day.

I’ve sailed fast boats and I’ve sailed comfortable boats, but the Salona S460 might be the best combination of fast and comfy I have ever sailed. It was fun to get somewhere fast and relax while sailing.

And, if you didn’t catch our Green Yachts blog about twin electric motors, Oh My! It is a game changer and something that you will never get from a diesel engine on a sailboat. The benefits of twin electric motors is on top of all the other benefits of going electric like reduced maintenance, quieter, no fumes, etc.

Down below, the S460 cabin is spacious, well-built, luxurious and practical. The refrigerator/freezer has so much insulation around it that when we tested the amp draw, it was only between 1-2 amps. The big dinette table folks out to be even bigger and include folks sitting on the settee for dinner. The cabin cushions were actually comfortable enough to sleep on unlike other boats I’ve been on.

There are some boat manufacturers that have taken interior trim to an extreme and put things like a basin bowl in the heads. This looks great at the dock, but is completely impractical on the water. Salona doesn’t do this. They create a balance between functional and attractive. For the sailor who appreciates luxury and style that works away from the dock, the Salona S460 nails it.

If a fast and comfortable 44-foot cruiser sounds interesting to you, contact Green Yachts to learn more, meet up with us at a boat show or take a demo sail – we look forward to chatting with you!

Written by Graham Balch from Green Yachts


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